Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid is a saturated fatty acid that contributes to a hard stable bar. This ingredient is usually added into lotions and soaps as a thickener or hardener. It also contributes to stability although it is recommended to use sparingly in cold process soaps, as it is a notorious contributor to a fast trace and even seizing certain recipes, especially ones that are already high in hard butters or fragrance oils that are known to accelerate trace.

Stearic acid is derived from a plant based vegetable, so it is OK to use in vegan recipes. It’s waxy properties a recommended be used at a 0.5% of your oils in cold process soap

The oil highest in stearic acid is soy wax, with a high 87%! Hard utters are high in stearic, as well. Mango, cocoa, shea, kokum, sal, illipe,

Commonly used as a staple ingredient in shaving soap. Some soapers will use a percentage as high as 4% with recipes containing soft oils with mostly unsaturated fatty acid profiles.


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