Oleic Acid

Oleic acid seems to be one of the fundamental base fatty acids around which soap makers build their recipes.

It contributes to a moisturizing and conditioning bar, yet is slow to trace and it offers a long shelf life. The most common oil with the highest profile in oleic acid is olive oil. Oleic acid can make up 100% of a recipe, and is famously known as Castile Soap. Other oils include sunflower and safflower oils, canola, sweet almond, apricot and peach kernel and avocado. Less common are carrot seed, pataua, camellia, papaya, marula, hazelnut, moringa, buriti, bear tallow, plum kernel, pistachio, macadamia nut, karanja.

Recently on retail shelves products high in olive oil have been marketed as exceptionally moisturizing and nourishing and branded as a higher quality oil to be desired in hair care and lotions. The actuality is the opposite. Products high in oleic acid are actually drying to the skin and are not as moisturizing as soy bean oil, however, products with olive oil and avocado oil are gentle to the skin.


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