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Soap Characteristics


For soap makers Iodine is an aspect of measurement that appears in many soap making calculators that help gauge the stability in a hand made bath of soap. Specifically, iodine is the measurement of the polyunsaturated quality of the fatty acid profile. The higher the number the more polyunsaturated. This a a rough measure of […]


Hardness in soap making refers to the hardness of the bar of soap after it has finished the curing process. When crafting a soap recipe many calculators will offer a hardness range. This is typically a number between 29 to 54 with the higher number being a harder bar of soap. This number is a […]


The quality of creaminess comes into play with a well balanced luxury bar. This is usually associated with a small densely bubbled lather. In your soap calculator the creamy value is the sum of the Palmitic + Stearic + Ricinoleic acids. These are oils like Palm oil, Coffee Bean Oil, Kokuum Butter, Shea Butter, & […]


This is the moisturizing quality of your bar. Numbers that range from 44 – 69 are considered to be ideal for a conditioning quality in your soap.


The cleansing quality in your hand made soap can be judged on a number scale with a good range being between 12 to 22 with the higher number being the stronger cleans. The average cleansing number for a body soap(for hands and face) is 15. The stronger the cleans the more drying the bar will […]


The density and amount of bubbles that your bar of soap makes is sometimes refereed to as the lather. The lather of soap can have a variety of properties and the amount or size of the bubbles can be affected by the ingredients in the bar and the type of oils used. For greater bubbles […]


A material that contributes H+ to an aqueous solution.An acid has a strong sour taste and neutralizes alkalis. In soap making the oils are fatty acids and they are used to neutralize alkali in the rest of the recipe.


This is the difference between a measured value and the true value or value weight. If your goal is 100 oz. but you measure out 98 oz. you are accurate to within 2 oz. If you measure exactly the same as the recipe calls for your measurement is accurate.

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