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I am the mom to Thermal Mermaid.  I believe there are three things in life that make it worth living: a warm hug, a warm meal, and a warm shower with some great smelling, thick lathering soap.   ~Thermalmermom  

Hot Process

Hot Process refers to the technique of making soap by using a heat source to blend your oil, fat, lye, and water.  You can mix your batter in a pan using the heat from a stove or a crock pot or a camp fire.  Hot Process soaps usually melt quicker than cold process but they […]


Ricing, it happens sometimes, is usually an undesirable characteristic of the soap batter mixing process when you add a fragrance oil it reacts with the batter to make clumps of rice shaped clots in the batter. If this happens to you stick blend as fast to incorporate the clots. This might smooth the batter or […]


Describes when soap batter begins to rapidly harden to the point it is no longer in a fluid state. Beyond thick trace.  It is an undesireable result of a reaction to soaping in high temperatures but most often a reaction to fragrance oil.  If the batter starts to seize mix quickly until it “loosens” back […]


When we mix our oils then add and mix in our lye solution  our soap thickens. This thickening is called trace. How do we know when our cold process recipe reaches trace?  We know because we can see that the soap batter has become thick after mixing it; thick enough to draw a line or […]