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Welcome to Soap Craft Wiki, an online resource created and edited by the authorized members of the Thermal Mermaid Crafter's Community. Soap Craft Wiki is a database of ingredients, additives, advise, and experiments in the world of DIY soap and cosmetic crafting. This database is open and free to all who are curious about learning soap and cosmetic making for hobby or business.

The editor's at Soap Craft Wiki range from students to seasoned experts, but all are well invested in their artistic journey. Any Members of the Thermal Mermaid Crafter's Community are eligible to post in the Soap Craft Wiki. Pease understand that this information IS a wiki - not a vetted encyclopedia, nor a professional academic resource. This information is an accumulation of the knowledge and experience of artisan crafter's from all over the world. The information may be edited or re-edited at any time.

The information found here is not intended to be a course or tutorial. Please explore our course material available at ThermalMermaid.com . Nothing in these pages are intended to substitute for medical advise or medicine despite any potential claims that may be posted by members.

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